Improving lower body strength, power and endurance improves athletic performance; this fact has been documented in literature for many years. As the contributions of the ankle, knee and hip musculature to successful athletic performance is essential.  The Speed Group addresses the musculature of the hips and legs in a series of functional exercises that are specific to optimal athletic performance, in any sport.

Hydra-Gym Athletics combines the principles of isotonics and isokinetics as both the speed and resistance vary throughout the range of motion of the exercise; providing maximal (100%) overload at all joint angles which provide optimal increases in muscular strength, power, speed and endurance, as well as being velocity specific.

100% true maximal muscle overload?  We have it!As the muscle fatigues, the mechanics of the hydraulic cylinder automatically adjust so the athlete is still working at 100% of what his muscle is capable of generating at that time, providing 100% maximal overload and that translates into what Hydra-Gym Athletics will deliver- superior endurance for optimal athletic performance.

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Velocity Specific & Functional

Maximizing muscular power against resistance loads and at velocities specific to each sport is required in various throwing, jumping, striking, and change of direction activities. The ability of the Speed Group to simultaneously train both the leg "drive" and leg "pulling" muscles provides an additional and necessary training dimension for optimal speed development. Think about it, when you consider all your speed training methods, when do you apply a resistance to your airborne leg? You don't!  Therefore, the Speed Group gives you the ability to train both the leg drive (extensor muscles) and the leg pulling (flexion) muscles simultaneously, which provides another training dimension for optimal muscular balance and speed development.  

The Speed Group by Hydra-Gym Athletics specifically addresses the musculature of the hips and legs in a series of exercises that are both specific and functional for developing optimal athletic performance, in any sport.  Hydraulic resistance matches your effort at all points as do weights, but hydraulic resistance is set even further apart from other types of resistances by its ability to allow you to exercise at different speeds by adjusting the resistance valves. Think how the human body works—not at some slow methodical speed or at some pre-determined set speed, but in a series of accelerations and decelerations. Think of walking, jogging, running and sprinting. Hydraulic resistance lets you exercise and train with an overload matching your abilities, your level of fitness, and your pace.

Other Advantages of using the Speed Group:

  • The Speed Group allows for high speed training to develop use-able strength or power (force out-put per unit of time) without muscle bulk, as well as slow (almost isometric) strength training to develop muscle bulk. The hydraulic cylinders can be adjusted so that the muscle gets a maximal overload regardless of whether the speed is adjusted for fast or slow training. This aspect is very important since, with the exception of bodybuilders, athletes are dependent upon power for their success and not brute strength.
  • The concentric contractions with the greatest contribution to forward motion were those of hip flexion. The powerful flexion of the hip and extension of the knee in the swing phase of running propel the body forward. 
  • Hydra-Gym provides an optimal workout for all three-energy systems of the muscle (alatic, latic acid and aerobic) as well as for the contractile properties (muscle metabolites, enzymes and proteins) of both the fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers. 
  • Many athletes have speed potential that is untapped because they never dynamically load the hip flexor, adductor or abductor muscles, which are critical to accelerating the leg in the airborne phase of the running motion.  
  • Hydra-Gym is the only product that is able to provide you with reciprocating concentric (positive) resistance and maximal 100% muscle overload throughout the full range of movement, on every rep, every time.               
  • 6-resistance settings provide options for user to allow them to work on low or high resistance settings, by simply turning a dial to set the resistance for the specific exercise or desired velocity. 
  • Unilateral Exercise corrects muscle imbalances, allows for greater range of motion and increases neural activation and muscle fiber recruitment. The unilateral concentric reciprocal action that activates QNF (quadruple/neuromuscular facilitation) which allows for greater muscle fiber recruitment. Research has shown that strength gains achieved during high-speed training appear to carry over to all speeds. Improvements in strength at slow training speeds of movement however, have not been shown to carry over into faster speeds. 
  • The Speed Group Develops balanced muscle groups by working both the agonistic and antagonistic muscles during the same exercise set. 
  • Only Hydra-Gym allows for limb speed increases or decreases during exercise with accommodating resistance that provides 100% maximal resistance at all angles. 
  • Hydra-Gym equipment is the perfect for a Dynamic Flexibility program  to warm up faster and more effectively while stretching the core and leg muscles 
  • The dual use of Hydra-Gym’s equipment is the hidden value. As our resistance is perfect for rehabilitation as gravity is not a factor with our equipment and the self-accommodating nature of our cylinders provides the same 100% resistance that the user is capable of producing, with no joint compression allowing for faster rehabilitation times.
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