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The Total Power, with its multiple capabilities and compact design, is the ideal machine for aerobic weight loss and/or cardio respiratory programs as well as strength, power and endurance programs. The Total Power has over 25 proven years of versatility and performance through its use in sports medicine, rehabilitation facilities, fitness and wellness centers, homes, hotels, professional teams, cruise ships and even U.S Navy submarines.


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Accepted by the United States Navy in 1980, the Total Power all-in-one is now used around the world.

The Total Power’s patented hydraulic cylinders with six levels of functional isokinetic resistance provide double-positive, accommodating, variable resistance throughout the full range of motion for each of eight different exercise modes: ShoulderPress/Lat Pull, Chest Press/Chest Row, Knee Extension/Knee Flexion, Abdominal Flexion and Back Extension.

The Total Power provides double-positive resistance for eight different exercise modes: shoulder press/lat pull chest press/chest row knee extension/knee flexion, abdominal flexion and back extension. With the flexibility of the Total Power, you can have a nearly complete gym in the space of a single machine. Research has proved that high intensity exercise on the Total Power machine produces greater caloric expenditure than exercise with free-weights or any weight-stack equipment. The Total Power gives maximum fitness and rehabilitation benefits in minimum time and space.