Ad/Ab Hip Machine

The Hydra-Gym Ad/Ab Hip Machine provides functional isokinetic resistance,which allows an athlete to specifically work the adductors, abductors and hamstrings at high velocities and receive the maximal resistance throughout the range of motion in a concentric exercise. The Hydra-Gym Ad/Ab Hip Machine can reduce early season groin pulls and improve rehab results.
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  • Using the Ad/Ab Hip Machine, team lateral speed averages improved 15% in documented tests, with individual performance increasing as much as 33% using athletes that were in season, and were thought to be in top condition before testing began.
  • The Ad/Ab Hip Machine does not rely upon gravity for its resistance, therefore we minimize the effects of inertia and our perfect accommodating resistance allows the joint to be exercised reciprocally with no change in set up, therefore, strengthening all major antagonistic muscle groups while maximizing development and athletic performance.
  • The Ad/Ab Hip Machine that is a must have for any strength/conditioning program or rehabilitation facility.


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