Double Knee

The Power Unilateral Knee Machine by Hydra-Gym provides a great overall lower body workout for the quadriceps (extension) and hamstring (flexion) muscle groups. The Unilateral Knee Machine is essential for any sport that requires leg strength, quickness and endurance.

The Power Knee Machine when used unilaterally and at high velocities has shown in independent test to recruit 12% more muscle fiber in the quadriceps and hamstring muscles as compared to bilateral knee extensions.

For the first time, athletes can specifically work the Quadriceps and Hamstring muscles functionally high velocities while receiving the maximal resistance throughout the range of motion in a reciprocating concentric exercise, without joint problems.

The Power Knee Machine with its functional isokinetic resistance allows your athletes with ankle or knee injuries to work the leg and hip musculature at appropriate velocities, without the stress of compression on that injured area, allowing them to rehabilitate an injury safely or to maintain their current level of fitness.

The seat back is adjustable so the athlete will be in the preferred anatomical position for proper execution for working the quadriceps and hamstrings.

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