- Neck Machine
Neck Machine

The Hydra-Gym Power Neck Machine uses the exclusive process of Omnikinetic Training to provide double resistance throughout the entire range of motion performed by the athlete. The Power Neck Machine is the only machine that is specifically designed to isolate the muscles of the neck for creating power and strength through omnikinetic training which emphasizes concentric (positive) reciprocal work.

Neck injuries occur during competitive situations and considering the speed and mass of today’s athletes…injuries will occur. With the advancements in sports equipment, nutritional supplements and proper training, today’s athletes have become faster, bigger, stronger and have brought a new level of physicality to all competitive sports.

The Hydra-Gym Power Neck Machines have been used and proven by champions, over and over again. From the 1980 Olympic Champion Hockey Team to 1000’s of other schools, fitness centers as well as collegiate and professional sports teams all over the world. We have the credentials, history and endorsements to back up our claims. It is still the best strength and conditioning neck machine on the market today!

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