Arm Curl Machine

Hydra-Gym introduces the Power Arm Curl. This unique system incorporates the Powernetic cylinders to create a Double-Positive, bilateral exercise program for the upper and lower arm.

The arm curl pads allow maximum pressure to be placed on the triceps and biceps without gripping of the hands. This break through in arm conditioning allows the proper rotation of the lower arm throughout the range of exercise without the hazard of raising blood pressure. The Bicep/Tricep machine is the first in the market to place the arms in a truly functional position.

The rotating hand grips give the user the choice of working different muscles within the bicep/tricep exercise. Six cylinder adjustments on each side allow the user to exercise with high resistance for strength or low resistance high velocity for speed and endurance. This Hydra-Gym cylinder with six variable speed/resistance settings allows for numerous alternatives to elbow flexor-extensor training and rehabilitation.

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