- The Original PowerMax 360
The Original PowerMax 360

 The PowerMax 360 provides concentric resistance, with independent unilateral movement for total body exercises. The PowerMax 360 utilizes omnikinetic resistance through full range of motion at every angle, speed and plane of movement, which provides explosive strength, power and endurance.

In addition, The PowerMax 360 also provides the ultimate in core conditioning available today. The PowerMax 360 will give you the ability to strengthen muscles at angles for the upper body and core that have never been possible before.

We take over where the requirements of physiology/kinesiology cannot be satisfied by traditional weight training any longer. When we think about athletes in action, we usually visualize quick movements, performed with skill and control. It is the fast twitched muscle fibers that enable the athletes to move quickly and powerfully; it seems logical, therefore to train athletes on a system that enables them to overload, selectively, all or a portion of the fast twitch muscle fibers that are specific to and function to provide optimal athletic performance in any sport.

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  • The PowerMax 360 provides concentric/concentric resistance.
  • 360 degree independent unilateral movement for complete body conditioning.
  • No fixed speed or movement.
  • The Omnikinetic resistance provides 100% muscle overload through the full ROM, at every angle, speed or plane of movement.
  • The 360 develops balanced muscles and agonistic and antagonistic muscles during the same exercise set.
  • Develops reactive strength due to omnikinetic resistance allowing as much potential kinetic energy as possible is to switch from eccentric to concentric as rapidly as possible.
  • Hydra-Gym provides an optimal workout for all three-energy systems of the muscle (alatic, latic acid and aerobic) as well as for the contractile properties (muscle metabolites, enzymes and proteins) of both the fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers.