Our Company History
In 1967, when Jerry Brentham was coaching high school athletics, he witnessed one of his athletes narrowly escape serious injury while working out with a weight machine. Jerry then set out to devise a safe method of strength training. Drawing on expertise gained earlier while working for a company that designed and manufactured hydraulic equipment, the Hydra-Gym concept was born.

Using a $16,000 bank loan as capital, Jerry did the original research and development for Hydra-Gym in his garage during evenings and on weekends. In 1969, he unveiled the first piece of hydraulic resistance conditioning equipment.

The response from area coaches was enthusiastic and Jerry quit coaching to devote himself full-time to the business. When an athletic equipment manufacturer offered to buy the rights to build and market the Hydra-Gym concept, Jerry accepted.

Jerry returned to coaching, but the royalties expected from the sale of the rights to Hydra-Gym were not forthcoming. Without an economic base and saddled with debt for his startup, he was unable to pursue the matter in court. Jerry turned to real estate sales, and later when he was offered the opportunity to buy back the rights to his invention, he did so.

Jerry began marketing Hydra-Gym equipment again in 1974. First-year sales were $17,000. By the end of the following year he had added one employee and increased sales to $67,000.

In 1985, Hydra-Gym Industries produced over 20 different machines, many with computers and high-tech enhancements, but all employing the same basic principal of hydraulic resistance that was developed by a small-town Texas coach back in the 60s. The company employed 100 people and posted sales of more than $6.5 million in 1985.

Throughout the 1980s Hydra-Gym Athletics became know as Hydra-Fitness Industries and continued to grow by leaps and bounds due to the physical therapy and medical markets becoming so prominent in their sales totals. Hydra-Fitness had a great base of dedicated athletic users and it was natural for them to move into the physical therapy and medical markets as a result of numerous scientific studies that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the concentric resistance through the use of hydraulic resistance had many benefits that were only possible through this type of resistance.

In 1992, Jerry Brentham sold the company to Henley International out of Houston Texas and retired. Henley International continued selling into the medical and rehabilitation markets, making those markets their sole focus and practically abandoning the huge athletic base of dedicated users that had built Hydra-Gym Athletics into Hydra-Fitness Industries; one of the largest exercise machine manufacturers in the world when it was sold in 1992.

Since the late 1990s coaches and trainers have repeatedly called and asked where they could purchase the neck machines that Hydra-Gym Athletics built and sold; as they were the first, and still the only neck exercising machine produced that allows the user to gain strength and power in the neck muscles used in competitive sports.

After a few years, and many calls from coaches here we are again; Jerry Brentham, the inventor & founder of Hydra-Gym Athletics and Father of Hydraulic Resistance Exercise is back; and so is Hydra-Gym Athletics with the Power Neck Machines which are redesigned and better than ever!!